Reston A to Z

A children's book

Watt Hamlett had an idea, to write a children’s book. He found inspiration right in his new home town, Reston, Virginia. Watt and his family have been living here since 2000 and in those years he’s fallen in love with Reston’s nature, architecture and community spirit. Watt needed an illustrator and that’s where Jill Olinger Vinson came in. Jill grew up in Reston and is now raising her family in nearby Herndon. Her many years living in Reston have instilled a deep love for the Reston community and the people in it, past and present. The partnership was formed and in September their first children’s book will be published. Proceeds from the first printing of the book will go to the Reston Museum.

To learn more about the book “Reston A to Z” visit their website:

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