Morgan & Kendall

Kendall & Morgan

IMG_3359A sister knows your history, your habits and which words strike deep. A sister can be your most loyal friend and most bitter enemy. A twin knows life with only the other, a constant by her side, sharing her snacks and the limelight. Twins have an intimacy of incomplete sentences, meaningful nods and burning glances. Being sisters and being twins means friendship will sometimes be sacrificed for individuality.
IMG_3278IMG_3295IMG_3397 IMG_3415 IMG_3430 IMG_3465This friendship that is convenient today will be lifelong, bedrock and incomparable. IMG_3523IMG_3661 IMG_3665

It is hard to look in the mirror, as a fourteen year old girl, and see something you like. It is far easier to see the pimple, the uneven eyebrow, the scar. No matter how much youth is envied it is rarely appreciated when experienced. In the moments between feeling self-conscious and shy I saw their unassuming, stunning beauty. I hope they see it too. IMG_3674 IMG_3677IMG_3725 IMG_3729IMG_3650“Siblings are the people we practice on
Practice how to share, how to keep secrets, how to be fair, how to fight
How to love”

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    Lisa Reply May 14, 2016 at 2:54 pm

    Absolutely beautiful girls!

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