Little Lights

This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine

“Little Lights Urban Ministries empowers underserved youth, families, and communities in Washington DC by sharing the hope of Christ through compassionate action, caring relationships, and racial reconciliation. Steve Park founded Little Lights in 1995 to share God’s love with under-served children and families in Washington, D.C. Little Lights has been committed to providing sanctuaries of encouragement, hope, and practical assistance to at-risk children, youth, and families in southeast Washington, DC. More than 900 children have participated in Little Lights’ programs throughout its history.” –

The Gathering is a program offered every Friday night for adults and teens to come together for dinner, fellowship, worship, and teaching. On December 16, 2016, the last Gathering for the year, the entire family was welcome to participate. To make the night even more special the children’s choir performed.  IMG_6794 IMG_6806 IMG_6813IMG_6845 IMG_6854 IMG_6869 IMG_6892 IMG_6896“As Little Lights has grown, so have our students. By staying and being a part of our community for decades, we’ve had the joy of seeing how the work put into children bears fruit as they become adults. It’s the big picture that comes with a dedicated, lasting commitment.” – littlelights.orgIMG_6932IMG_6923IMG_6915IMG_6949IMG_6986-2IMG_6996 IMG_6975“Steve and his wife, Mary, moved to southeast D.C. over a decade ago to be closer to the people they serve. They live there today with their two young children.” –

To learn more about the tremendous work they are doing visit their website

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