We live by minutes, by days, some eventful, some not. The eventful are wonderful and should be captured, they mark milestones in our lives. But the moments in between, the daily living, that is the truth of who we are. All of these combined make up our life story. Every day is filled with stories; a child playing with a favorite toy, Saturday morning breakfast, a playoff game, a recital, starting a new business, a birth, a family hike, a family dinner, a family.

What will my session be like?

Once I hear from you we will have a pre-session consultation. We’ll chat, determine timing and location and how I can facilitate the capturing of your story. I also recommend an activity to anchor the photo shoot, to help everyone feel more natural and comfortable. Once we get started you’ll eventually forget that I’m even there. I’ll capture some posed shots, because we all want a few of those, but mostly I’ll capture all the in-between moments of you just being you.


My approach is to keep things easy and relaxed and that applies to both my time in a session as well as my pricing. A pre-session consultation, session fees, digital images and print products are rolled into package options. Please contact me for more information.

Collaboration ideas?

Have other projects or ideas in mind? I would love to hear about it. Please contact me and we can discuss.