Bang Family

Frying Pan Farm

IMG_3228IMG_2772 IMG_2818 IMG_2833IMG_2853Her hand fits perfectly in yours, her sweet breath falls on your face as she covers you with kisses and her arms wrap around your neck into a perfect fit, as she claims ownership. She will only be this size once in her life. There are many moments that lie ahead, equally precious and perfect, but different. Those arms that once fit perfectly around your neck will grow giving her the distance she needs to become the person she is intended to be. Embrace, what will all too soon be fleeting. IMG_2860IMG_2865 IMG_2874 IMG_2888IMG_2904 IMG_2979 IMG_2995 IMG_3003 IMG_3051IMG_3127IMG_3160
IMG_3178 IMG_3224


  1. Comment by Wendy Bang

    Wendy Bang Reply June 15, 2016 at 5:39 pm

    You are truly an inspiration my friend. Your artistry with words and in your one of a kind rare visions through your lens, you capture the most magical momemnts a family could never fully appreciate in its entirety and glory without your God given gift for seeing, capturing and appreciating a story of love, magic and the beauty of the human condition in every frame.

  2. Comment by Lisa

    Lisa Reply May 6, 2016 at 6:59 pm

    What a sweet family! I love the rubber boots. Who is quoted in the final lines? That was perfect.

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